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Heating Services ExpertDependable, cost-efficient, and safe operation of your heating system relies on all components working properly. Over time, dirt and wear and tear will take its toll on equipment. Minor issues with one component will affect the entire system. You’ll end up paying more in energy bills and repairs, while enjoying less comfort. Air Pro Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. provides the simplest solution. Yearly maintenance, performed by our factory trained specialists, protects your investment. We work within the availability of your schedule, keeping the whole process neat, quick, and affordable, for the highest rewards.

Don’t delay heating system service!

Every winter, the majority of no-heat repair calls are due to a lack of maintenance. Most could have easily been prevented. Rather than face a breakdown in the middle of a cold winter’s night, schedule convenient service in the fall. This allows our NATE-certified technicians to make sure your equipment is ready to handle the upcoming workload. There’s plenty of time to order any necessary replacement parts, and through conscientious inspection, adjustment, and troubleshooting, we eliminate the majority of repairs. You’ll save both time and money, and enjoy complete peace of mind.

Energy costs are always a concern. We all look for ways to tighten our homes and cut costs. The most effective way to keep those utility bills under control is through annual maintenance. At Air Pro Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we take proactive steps to maximize the efficiency of your heating unit. It can’t possibly live up to manufacturer’s stipulations, or your expectations, without regular cleaning. Consider how often you dust, clean, and vacuum your home. Even if you are diligent about replacing air filters, your heating equipment gradually accumulates such things as dust, dander, pollen, mold, and mildew. There may even be insects, webs, or a dead mouse hiding in the inner workings. Debris is the enemy of your furnace. Unrestricted airflow is necessary for peak performance. Without proper cleaning and lubrication, friction is caused. Your system will need to work a great deal harder to maintain a warm and comfortable home. This leads to higher energy consumption and higher costs.

When it comes to heating equipment, more than costs and comfort are at stake. A dirty system is a contaminated system. The same debris and grime that causes higher energy costs, also pollutes your breathing air. Every time your furnace activates, it’s possible that spores and bacteria are sprayed directly into the home. There is also the concern of a fire risk or leaking combustion products, such as carbon monoxide. The professionals from Air Pro Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. will verify safe start up, operation, and shutdown of your system. We will perform combustion safety checks, ensuring proper operation and a healthy home.

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With more than 20 years of experience and a team of NATE-certified experts, Air Pro Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. boasts of expertise you can depend on. We understand very well that prevention is better than the cure, and we want you to take advantage of the benefits that has to offer. With our expert maintenance services, we are sure we can help you avoid premature boiler, furnace or heat pump repair, ensuring you make the most of your heating system.

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