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The Possible Causes of Noisy Air Vents

Although HVAC units aren’t completely silent when operating, there are certain sounds–like hissing and rattling–that you just shouldn’t be hearing from a system that’s functioning properly. Top HVAC contractor, Air Pro Heating & Air Conditioning, lists a few things you should watch out for when your vents start making troubling noises throughout the day or night.

Ductwork Problems

If you hear a hissing sound, this could mean you have leaking ducts. Call for repairs as soon as you suspect that this is happening. Malfunctioning ducts will make your HVAC system work harder than necessary to compensate for the air that’s leaking out, so you’ll be sacrificing not just indoor comfort but energy efficiency as well by not taking care of the problem promptly.

Obstruction Problems

Reputable AC contractors like Air Pro Heating & Air Conditioning always recommend keeping the area around your HVAC units clear at all times. Various small things like toys or screws can end up as debris inside your vents and ducts, resulting in irritating rattling noises. If you think you have items stuck inside your heating unit, get it professionally cleaned right away.

Dirt Problems

Noises can also mean that your system simply needs to be cleaned. Change filters as required and stick to the regular maintenance schedule you’ve set up with your heating contractor. It’s possible that your filter might just need to be adjusted, so be sure to check that it’s positioned correctly. You should also make sure you aren’t using the wrong size.

Keep your HVAC system in top condition at all times by utilizing the professional heating and cooling services of Air Pro Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ve been in business for over 20 years now, fielding only NATE-certified technicians that guarantee the best work possible on every HVAC job they do. Schedule a consultation with us by calling (703) 832-0400. You can also fill out our contact form here.

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