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The Best Practices for Programmable Thermostats

Many homeowners tend to leave their thermostats alone after installation. The right thermostat model and settings can save you at least 10 percent on your annual HVAC costs. 


A trusted air conditioner replacement expert shares the best practices for programmable thermostats. 

Choose the Right Model for Your Home

Programmable thermostats vary in customization options. For instance, a 5-2 model lets you have one a set of settings during the week and another at the weekend. On the other hand, a 5-1-1 model allows homeowners to have one set of settings during weekdays and another for Saturday and Sunday. Then there’s also a 7-day model where you can change the settings for every day of the week. Choose a model that works best for your family’s schedule. 

Before purchasing a thermostat, know what kind of HVAC equipment you have and make sure they are compatible. Moreover, your cooling and heating contractor can help you determine the best model for you.

Adjust Your Thermostat as Needed

Change your thermostat setting to low when the house is empty or you’re out for the night to save energy. If you’re going on vacation, set your thermostat to around 55 degrees to get the most savings while you’re away. 

Another instance where you’d want to adjust your thermostat is during winter at night. Lower the temperature by 10 degrees for the time you’re asleep. You can get under the blankets and stay warm, meaning you won’t need as much heat from the furnace. In summer, set air conditioning to 78°F for the hours you’re at home and manually turn off the AC if it’s not needed. 

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