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5 Things You Should Check If Your AC System Isn’t Cooling Properly

IF it doesn’t feel like your air conditioner is making you cooler and you feel like you’ve exhausted all your options, this article might help. If offers some things you can try to make your AC produce cooler air so you can escape the heat.


What Can You Do


Sometimes it’s a matter of forgetting to set your thermostat’s fan to the “Auto” option instead of “On”, and sometimes it’s merely a cleaning problem. In this post, an expert HVAC contractor shares some ways you can clean up your AC unit.

Check 1: AC Filter

First, check out your AC filter. Dirty filters prevent cool air from entering the unit, thereby causing problems with airflow.  As a result, air fails to circulate and there isn’t enough cool air provided. A quick check of the filter and a corresponding cleaning or replacement could improve airflow. 

Check 2: Debris in the Outdoor Unit

Secondly, see to it that the outdoor unit is clean. Usually, the AC system in your house has two major parts: the indoor component, also known as the evaporator, and the outdoor unit, which we call the condenser. The evaporator absorbs heat from inside the house, then the condenser extinguishes it outside. When there’s debris in the condenser, however, it becomes difficult to perform the entire convection cycle. 


Keeping it Cool

If you can’t find solutions on the outside, why not try looking inside? But sometimes, you might not have the capacity to inspect the internal structure of the AC unit and diagnose what’s wrong and what you should do about it.  When facing a tough situation like this, you can try contacting AC contractors to find ways to mitigate this situation. 

Check 3: A Low Level of Refrigerant

Refrigerant creates a cooling effect in your home. However, if the level of refrigerant is too low , the AC be able to won’t emit enough cool air. Low levels of cooling results from leaks in the refrigerant container as well. Seeing frost in the evaporator coil is a sign that there could be a major problem. This kind of buildup acts as an insulator, making it difficult for cold air to pass through. 

Check 4: Issues With the Condenser Fan

In the air conditioning process, the condenser fan serves an important role.  HVAC contractors can easily detect and repair any broken pieces. 

Check 5: A Faulty Electrical Connection

Overloading could create problems, even with continuous airflow. To check for the presence of this problem, shut the entire AC system off, then turn it on again and observe to see if there’s any unnecessary noise. For concerns like this, it’s best to contact a heating and cooling services provider.

Safety and Convenience

As the air conditioner is both electrical and mechanical equipment, to prevent accidents you should directly contact Air Pro Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. at (703) 255-0624 to schedule repairs or fill out our contact form.

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